The First Deadline of 2018 Darrell Awards is Approaching

The first of our 3 deadlines for the 2018 Darrell Awards is coming up soon.

The deadlines are:

1) Publication by October 31, 2017. If it is not published by then, it is not eligible for the 2018 Awards. It may be eligible for the 2019 Darrell Awards, but not the 2018 ones.

2) Nomination by December 1, 2017. If it is not nominated by December 1st (earlier than in previous years due to MidSouthCon being earlier in March), it will not be considered, even if it is eligible. SOME eligible works may still still qualify for nomination in future years for the Hall of Fame award, but not all of them will — so get your nominations in by December 1st.

3) Finalists will be released by February 1, 2018.

So, there you have it. Published no later than Halloween of this year, nominated no later than December 1st of this year, and we will let everyone know who the Finalists are by February 1 of 2018.

Please see the nominations form on our website at


The Darrell Awards Runs on Three Deadlines

The Darrell Awards runs on 3 deadlines. They are:

1) Publication Deadline. In order to qualify, a work has to be published (made available to the public) no later than October 31 of the year under consideration. So, for the 2015 Darrell Awards (which is what the Jury is evaluating now), this deadline is October 31, 2014. In other words, Halloween — 15 days from now.

2) Nomination Deadline. In order to be considered, a work has to be Nominated no later than January 1st of the year under consideration. For the 2015 Darrell Awards, that deadline is 1-1-15. Please visit our website at for the Nomination form in multiple formats and NOMINATE all eligible works.

3) Reporting Deadline. We have to tell MidSouthCon’s Registration Department who we have chosen as Finalists by March 1st so they can be included as pre-registered for their one free Saturday pass and their one free Banquet ticket. We generally hit this deadline and we will release a list of Finalists as soon as the list is set.

The next meeting of the Darrell Awards Jury is this weekend. Please NOMINATE as soon as you can.