2017 Darrell Award Nominations are Closed 

The deadline for nominations for the 2017 Darrell Awards has passed and nominations are now closed. 

The Jury is busy reading and watching and critiquing the nominees. We are pushing to have a list of Finalists ready by March 1st. 

If you’ve ever won a Darrell Award or been a Finalist and you’re planning to attend Saturday of MidSouthCon 35 in late March, you’re invited to participate in the annual Darrell Awards panel. This is to spread the news about your works and to build some excitement about the Awards before they’re presented at the Banquet later that day. Please contact us at memphissf at cs dot com for details. 

Of course, if your work is chosen as a Finalist this year, we’ll contact you to let you know (if we have your contact info), as all current-year Finalists receive one free pass to MidSouthCon on Saturday and one free Banquet ticket. 

So, check back here after March 1st for the announcement of the 2017 Finalists for the Darrell Awards.


Darrell Awards Events at MidSouthCon 34

** CORRECTION: The Awards Banquet is at 5pm (not 6pm, as previously reported here). This has been corrected below. **

There will be two Darrell Awards events at MidSouthCon 34, which will be held the weekend of March 18-20, 2016.

Darrell Panel on Saturday at 3pm

We will have a Darrell Awards panel at MidSouthCon 34 on Saturday, March 19, in Ballrooms D and E.

Participation in this panel is open to all 2016 Darrell Awards Finalists, as well as any past Winners or First-Runners Up or Finalists who are present. If your work has been recognized in any of these ways, please feel free to show up and be introduced to the crowd. You can tell us about the work or works that we’ve recognized, or about your plans for future work, or whatever floats your boat.

It’s just a chance for the readers to get to know some of “our” authors and for you to get to know some of your readers or potential readers.

This panel will run from 3pm to 4pm.

Awards Banquet on Saturday at 5pm

At 5pm, the Awards Banquet will be held. It is during the Banquet that the 2016 Darrell Awards will be presented for Best Short Story, Best Young Adult Work, Best Novella, and Best Novel, as well as the Coger Memorial Hall of Fame Award for Extraordinary Contributions to Midsouth Literacy.

If you are a 2016 Darrell Awards Finalist, you will have a free one-day Saturday-only pass to the convention and one free Banquet ticket waiting for you at convention Registration.

If you have any questions about these events, please email MemphisSF at cs dot com.

Halloween Approaches

Halloween is coming soon and with it will come the end of the publishing year for 2016 Darrell Awards purposes.

This year, we’re considering 2 years’ worth of Young Adult SF/F/H, so the publication time frame on that runs from November 1, 2013, to Halloween of 2015. For other categories, it’s November 1, 2014, to Halloween 2015.

If your otherwise-eligible work is published before Halloween of this year (and not too far in the past), you or anyone else can nominate it until 1-1-16.

Of course, we would love it if you nominated it as soon as you can so we the Jury have more time to read it and consider it with the other nominees in its category.

Anyone can nominate, including the author or publisher. If you are the author or publisher, we do require a non-DRM pdf file or a mobi file or an epub file — or 2 printed copies — of the work you’re nominating.

We already have a very interesting crop of nominees in novel, short story, and YA categories. Nothing has been nominated yet in the novella category, so that one is wide open. We will also pick a Hall of Fame inductee and there are several good choices being considered for that award.

For information on eligibility and to get the Nomination Form, please see our website at http://darrellawards.org.