Films & the Darrell Awards 

The Darrell Awards has always had a rule that works are qualified by writer and/or story, not production elements. The story has to be science fiction, fantasy, and/or horror.

Stories about people who believe in fantastical things don’t count as fantasy stories unless those things make an appearance in the story. 

Stories that don’t have content that the Jury considers to be science fiction,  fantasy,  or horror will be eliminated pretty early in our deliberations. A book about a group of SF fans going to a con and having adventures there would not be considered SF as it doesn’t matter what the characters believe — it matters what the story is about. So, a film about ghost hunters where no actual ghosts appear in the film, while it may be an entertaining spoof and enjoyable to watch, does not qualify as SF/F/H and won’t be considered for our Awards.

Filming locations are not story settings, except when the story makes them so.

Stories that don’t have at least one significant scene set within our area don’t qualify unless the author of the story lived in the area when it was published. For movies, this means the script writer has to live here when the film is first made available for the public to view it; or it must contain significant scenes set here. The filming locations, where the film is produced, where the actors live, where the directors live or work  — none of that matters to us as those are neither author or story elements.

Actors or directors are not writers (except when they do both roles).

We have to stick to these limits for two reasons. 

First, it would be unfair to give film more leeway than other works when it comes to what is considered. We set up the limits on the novels, novellas, short stories, and young adult works for good and sufficient cause. So, this is just clarifying that the same rules apply to film as to the other categories. 

Second, the reason we set up those limits was to focus on the works that are most clearly “greater Memphis” by story or author. That focus still leaves us many works to consider every year. Removing that focus would overwhelm the volunteers who serve as the Jury. 

If you have any questions about these matters, please feel free to contact us via email at memphissf at cs dot com.

2017 Darrell Award Nominations are Closed 

The deadline for nominations for the 2017 Darrell Awards has passed and nominations are now closed. 

The Jury is busy reading and watching and critiquing the nominees. We are pushing to have a list of Finalists ready by March 1st. 

If you’ve ever won a Darrell Award or been a Finalist and you’re planning to attend Saturday of MidSouthCon 35 in late March, you’re invited to participate in the annual Darrell Awards panel. This is to spread the news about your works and to build some excitement about the Awards before they’re presented at the Banquet later that day. Please contact us at memphissf at cs dot com for details. 

Of course, if your work is chosen as a Finalist this year, we’ll contact you to let you know (if we have your contact info), as all current-year Finalists receive one free pass to MidSouthCon on Saturday and one free Banquet ticket. 

So, check back here after March 1st for the announcement of the 2017 Finalists for the Darrell Awards.

Darrell Awards Change of Address

Since we started back in 1996, the Darrell Awards has used my mailing and package address at 3125 South Mendenhall Road #353 here in Memphis.

Unfortunately, the business at that address,  a Mom and Pop private mailbox facility,  is closing. I just found out about this last night and that was their last day for full service. What you need to know is that packages and mail can no longer be sent there — effective immediately. 

This is going to be a huge project for me personally to find and rent a new secure address and notify everyone.  Because it was a PMB facility, the Post Office won’t accept standard change of address forms, and each party who had that address has to be individually informed.

I’m sure some will not receive the notice in time and some things will go there and be lost. As you can imagine, this situation upsets me greatly.

Please contact us here for the address to use before you ship your nomination or printed copies of your work. Please pray for me to have patience and stamina as I deal with yet another project foisted upon me.

Please share this with all the writers you know.

Tim Gatewood, Chairman
2017 Darrell Awards Jury 

UPDATE: My new address: 2809 Kirby Pkwy, Suite 116, #242, Memphis 38119. You can start using that now for Darrell Awards mail and packages; and the revised Nomination Form with that new address is now posted here (see the link on the right side of this page). 

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