About the Darrell Awards

The Darrell Awards are presented annually in support of Midsouth Literacy by recognizing the best published Science Fiction, Fantasy and/or Horror in Short Story, Novella, Novel, Young Adult & Other Media formats.

The Darrell Awards are named in honor of the memory of Dr. Darrell C. Richardson, who was instrumental in getting the Memphis SF Association off the ground. You can read more about him here: About Darrell.

Our related Dal Coger Memorial Hall of Fame Award is given for an author who has made exceptional contributions to Midsouth Literacy by having published a substantial body of work that is or would have been eligible for the Darrell Award.

The Darrell Awards and the Coger Hall of Fame award are presented at MidSouthCon, held in March of each year in the Memphis, Tennessee area.

Please see the entries on this blog, as well as the resources linked to in the side columns, for more information.

Find us on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/pages/Darrell-Awards/147521910015.

You can also reach us via Twitter at @darrellawards and our current email address is Darrell Awards email address


4 thoughts on “About the Darrell Awards

    • We had an article about Dr. Darrell C. Richardson (in whose memory the Darrell Awards are named) on our previous website. It needed serious rewriting, so I have not yet moved it over to here.

      If you regularly attend MidSouthCon (which supports the Darrell Awards and at which they are bestowed), you would have seen an article in their Program Book about him. That article has appeared there several times in their book.

      Did you have specific questions about our Darrell?
      Or was it a different Darrell you were seeking?


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