Coger Hall of Fame Winner & Darrell Awards Finalists Announced

The 2013 Darrell Awards Jury is pleased to announce that JUSTIN CRONIN has been elected to be inducted into the Dal Coger Memorial Hall of Fame for Extraordinary Contributions to Midsouth Literacy. This award is given for his novels The Passage and The Twelve, each of which have significant scenes set within the Midsouth area, specifically within Memphis, Tennessee.

For info on The Passage series, please see

Mr. Cronin will be invited to attend the Awards Banquet at MidSouthCon 31 on Saturday, March 23, 2013. MidSouthCon 31 will be held Friday March 22 through Sunday March 24 at the East Memphis Hilton. Please see for details of the convention and to pre-register and buy a Banquet ticket.

The Dal Coger Memorial Hall of Fame is given in memory of Dalvan Coger, who was a member of First Fandom, a history professor at the University of Memphis (then Memphis State University), and served on the Board of Directors for MidSouthCon. Dal is deeply missed and this Hall of Fame is one way we honor his memory.

The Jury is further pleased to announce that the following authors have made our 2013 Finalists List for the Darrell Awards for Best Published Mid-South Science Fiction, Fantasy or Horror in Novel, Novella, Short Story AND/OR Other Media categories:

  • Dan Baker
  • Steve Bradshaw
  • Duane P. Craig
  • Aaron Christopher Drown
  • C.C. Finlay
  • Jonathan Janz (Craig Shaeffer)
  • Robert J. Krog
  • Steven Shrewsbury
  • Rachel M. Taylor
  • Frank Tuttle

If we have contact information for the Finalists, each of them will each be invited to attend the Awards Banquet, as detailed above. Some Finalists may have made the list in more than one category and/or for more than one work in a single category.

The Jury has at least one additional meeting before the convention and may give Honorable Mention recognition to authors and/or works not listed above.

Please check back here after the Banquet for the Winners, First Runners-Up, and other Honored Works in each category (including titles of the works).

Congratulations to the Finalists and to our new Hall of Fame winner, JUSTIN CRONIN  !

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About Darrell Awards

The Darrell Awards are presented annually in support of Midsouth Literacy by recognizing the best published Science Fiction, Fantasy and/or Horror in Short Story, Novella, Novel, Young Adult and Other Media formats. Our related Dal Coger Memorial Hall of Fame Award is given for an author who has made exceptional contributions to Midsouth Literacy by having published a substantial body of work that is or would have been eligible for the Darrell Award. The Darrell Awards and the Coger Hall of Fame award are presented at MidSouthCon, held in March of each year in the Memphis, Tennessee area. Please see the entries and pages on this blog, as well as any files linked from here for more information. You can also find us on Facebook at and on Twitter at @darrellawards.

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