Seanan McGuire — Mira Grant – 2012 Hall of Fame


The 2012 Darrell Awards Jury is pleased to announce that Mira Grant (Seanan McGuire) is the 2012 inductee into the Coger Memorial Hall of Fame for her outstanding contributions to Midsouth Literacy. This is based on her novel Feed, which envisions a world in which the zombie apocalypse has occurred, bloggers are accredited journalists, and politicians are as corrupt as now.

The Coger Memorial Hall of Fame is named in memory of Dal Coger, a long-time Memphis fan who passed away several years ago. An author can only receive it once. Unlike the Darrell Awards, the Coger is not limited to one year of publication.

Ms. Grant is also a Finalist for the 2012 Darrell Award for Best Midsouth Novel for Deadline, the sequel to Feed.

The Coger & Darrell Awards will be presented at the Banquet on Sat March 24 at MidSouthCon 30, to be held in Memphis at the East Memphis Hilton.

For info on MidSouthCon, please see .


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