2016 Darrell Awards Winners Announced

2016 Darrell Awards Winners Announced

The 2016 Darrell Awards Jury is pleased to announce the Winners, First Runners-Up, and other Finalists for the Best Published Midsouth Science Fiction, Fantasy, and/or Horror.


The Ones Who Remember – Best Midsouth Short Story

Short Stories
Winner: The Ones Who Remember by Robert J. Krog
First Runner-Up: Sentry by Herika R. Raymer
Other Finalists (Honorable Mention):
Zedhead by Victor Lorthos
Memphis BBQ by Cat Rambo


The Old Blood – Best Midsouth Young Adult Work

Young Adult Works
Winner: The Old Blood by Tim Bohn
First Runner-Up: All The Turns of Light by Frank Tuttle


Brielle and the Alien Geek – Best Midsouth Novella

Winner: Brielle and the Alien Geek by Jessica Coulter Smith

The Darker Carnival - Best Midsouth Novel

The Darker Carnival – Best Midsouth Novel

Winner: The Darker Carnival by Frank Tuttle
First Runner-Up: Lincoln’s Bodyguard by T. J. Turner
Other Finalist (Honorable Mention:) When Dragons Sleep by Steven Glen Baird

A. Christopher Drown - Hall of Fame Winner

A. Christopher Drown – Hall of Fame Winner

Our newest inductee into the Dal Coger Memorial Hall of Fame is A. Christopher Drown for his outstanding body of work, including many excellent short stories.

Congratulations to all of the Winners, First Runners-Up, and Honorable Mentions.

The 2016 Darrell Awards were presented during the Banquet at MidSouthCon 34 on Saturday, March 19, 2016. If your name appears above and you did not receive your plaque or framed Certificate, we will mail it to you as soon as possible if we have your mailing address.

One Author responds to 2016 Darrell Awards Finalists — And Two Winners – Announced

On those days when I wonder why the members of the Darrell Awards Jury do all that we do, a post such as this comes as a very welcome reminder. We do it to encourage and support Midsouth literacy, especially in the forms of science fiction, fantasy, and horror.

Thanks, Victor Lorthos, for letting us know that the encouragement is working.

Victor Lorthos

I am filled with enjoyment this morning.

My short story, Zedhead, from “Alien Hookers and Other Strange Words” has been announced as a Finalist for a Darrell Award at this year’s MidSouthCon. This is the third time I’ve been a Finalist for a Darrell Award and it is still a huge thrill to make the cut. I will be doing various panels at the Con (more on that in a separate post) and attending the Awards Banquet on Saturday to find out which of the four short story finalists has won. I wish everybody the best of luck, and am truly honored to be here.

The Darrell Awards were begun in 1995 to support and recognize Midsouth sci-fi, fantasy, and horror literature. I cannot say enough good things about these folks. I  have been fortunate to win two awards for short stories previously and it is an enormous help…

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Darrell Awards Events at MidSouthCon 34

** CORRECTION: The Awards Banquet is at 5pm (not 6pm, as previously reported here). This has been corrected below. **

There will be two Darrell Awards events at MidSouthCon 34, which will be held the weekend of March 18-20, 2016.

Darrell Panel on Saturday at 3pm

We will have a Darrell Awards panel at MidSouthCon 34 on Saturday, March 19, in Ballrooms D and E.

Participation in this panel is open to all 2016 Darrell Awards Finalists, as well as any past Winners or First-Runners Up or Finalists who are present. If your work has been recognized in any of these ways, please feel free to show up and be introduced to the crowd. You can tell us about the work or works that we’ve recognized, or about your plans for future work, or whatever floats your boat.

It’s just a chance for the readers to get to know some of “our” authors and for you to get to know some of your readers or potential readers.

This panel will run from 3pm to 4pm.

Awards Banquet on Saturday at 5pm

At 5pm, the Awards Banquet will be held. It is during the Banquet that the 2016 Darrell Awards will be presented for Best Short Story, Best Young Adult Work, Best Novella, and Best Novel, as well as the Coger Memorial Hall of Fame Award for Extraordinary Contributions to Midsouth Literacy.

If you are a 2016 Darrell Awards Finalist, you will have a free one-day Saturday-only pass to the convention and one free Banquet ticket waiting for you at convention Registration.

If you have any questions about these events, please email MemphisSF at cs dot com.