Darrell Awards Change of Address

Since we started back in 1996, the Darrell Awards has used my mailing and package address at 3125 South Mendenhall Road #353 here in Memphis.

Unfortunately, the business at that address,  a Mom and Pop private mailbox facility,  is closing. I just found out about this last night and that was their last day for full service. What you need to know is that packages and mail can no longer be sent there — effective immediately. 

This is going to be a huge project for me personally to find and rent a new secure address and notify everyone.  Because it was a PMB facility, the Post Office won’t accept standard change of address forms, and each party who had that address has to be individually informed.

I’m sure some will not receive the notice in time and some things will go there and be lost. As you can imagine, this situation upsets me greatly.

Please contact us here for the address to use before you ship your nomination or printed copies of your work. Please pray for me to have patience and stamina as I deal with yet another project foisted upon me.

Please share this with all the writers you know.

Tim Gatewood, Chairman
2017 Darrell Awards Jury 

UPDATE: My new address: 2809 Kirby Pkwy, Suite 116, #242, Memphis 38119. You can start using that now for Darrell Awards mail and packages; and the revised Nomination Form with that new address is now posted here (see the link on the right side of this page). 

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2017 Darrell Awards Nominations Are Now Open

The 2017 Darrell Awards Jury met recently and adopted the rules for 2017, so we are pleased to announce that :

NOMINATIONS ARE NOW OPEN for the 2017 Darrell Awards ! Yippee!

There have been 2 minor changes to the rules and one major change (Rule 13 was added). So, please DO review the rules before you nominate.

Please use this LINK to access the 2017 Nomination Form.

(Yes, that is on Dropbox. If you have a problem accessing dropbox, email us at MemphisSF at cs dot com and we will email the form directly to you. The email address is spelled out here to cut down on spambots harvesting it.)

We are also pleased to announce that we have added three new members to the Jury and one new Official Reader.  Our next meeting is later this month (August), so get those Nominations in so the Jury and Readers can be considering your work for the 2017 Darrell Awards.


2016 Darrell Awards Winners Announced

2016 Darrell Awards Winners Announced

The 2016 Darrell Awards Jury is pleased to announce the Winners, First Runners-Up, and other Finalists for the Best Published Midsouth Science Fiction, Fantasy, and/or Horror.


The Ones Who Remember – Best Midsouth Short Story

Short Stories
Winner: The Ones Who Remember by Robert J. Krog
First Runner-Up: Sentry by Herika R. Raymer
Other Finalists (Honorable Mention):
Zedhead by Victor Lorthos
Memphis BBQ by Cat Rambo


The Old Blood – Best Midsouth Young Adult Work

Young Adult Works
Winner: The Old Blood by Tim Bohn
First Runner-Up: All The Turns of Light by Frank Tuttle


Brielle and the Alien Geek – Best Midsouth Novella

Winner: Brielle and the Alien Geek by Jessica Coulter Smith

The Darker Carnival - Best Midsouth Novel

The Darker Carnival – Best Midsouth Novel

Winner: The Darker Carnival by Frank Tuttle
First Runner-Up: Lincoln’s Bodyguard by T. J. Turner
Other Finalist (Honorable Mention:) When Dragons Sleep by Steven Glen Baird

A. Christopher Drown - Hall of Fame Winner

A. Christopher Drown – Hall of Fame Winner

Our newest inductee into the Dal Coger Memorial Hall of Fame is A. Christopher Drown for his outstanding body of work, including many excellent short stories.

Congratulations to all of the Winners, First Runners-Up, and Honorable Mentions.

The 2016 Darrell Awards were presented during the Banquet at MidSouthCon 34 on Saturday, March 19, 2016. If your name appears above and you did not receive your plaque or framed Certificate, we will mail it to you as soon as possible if we have your mailing address.